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Success Stories

We provide a unique vision care service called Vision Therapy. You are invited to read hundreds of Vision Therapy Success Stories written by patients (children and adults), parents, and teachers at

Vision Therapy helps people with visual difficulties relating to a wide range of conditions, skills, and/or symptoms, such as:

20/20 Eyesight,


Lazy Eye,

Blurred Vision,

Convergence Insufficiency,

Crossed Eyes,

Depth Perception,

Dizziness and Motion Sickness,

Double Vision,

Eye Strain & Fatigue,

Eye Tracking & Eye Teaming,


Strabismus or Lazy Eye Surgery,


Read what hundreds of people have written when asked “What changes have you seen as a result of a Vision Therapy program?” or “How has Vision Therapy changed your life and/or your child’s life?”

Go to Vision Therapy Success Stories.